How It Works.

  1. Choose a digital image you would like to transform into glass photo taking into consideration its overall resolution, dimensions, and quality relative to the size of the glass you are ordering. Acceptable formats are JPG and TIFF. Make all necessary adjustments to your photograph prior to emailing it. Suggested minimum resolution for printed glass is 240ppi, which can be derived dividing the number of pixels of your digital image’s length and width by the length and width of the print in inches. Generally, you can do a quick check of the photo sharpness and overall quality by enlarging it on your computer monitor to the desired photo glass print size.
  2. Select the desired photo glass print size of your art  and pay online at checkout on our site via PayPal with your credit or debit card (PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED).
  4. The image is formatted for professional wide-format digital printing and transferred onto a polymeric substrate called interlayer.
  5. The digitally printed interlayer is manually placed between two pieces of glass in a clean room and the resulting assembly is permanently fused (laminated) for 3 hours under heat and pressure in a special furnace called autoclave.There are no glues or adhesive tapes involved.
  6. After the laminated glass photo comes out of the autoclave, the edges are finely polished and beveled for a perfect look. BUY ONLINE

 Built-In Benefits of Your Printed Glass.

  • Laminated glass provides long-lasting protection and aesthetic beauty.
  • Custom imagery glass lamination we offer is shatter-proof just like a car windshield and is much safer to use in your home than conventional glass.
  • Polymeric material photo glass blocks over 98% UV radiation, thus preventing colors from fading for many years if not forever even in sunlight.
  • Your imagery glass can be used as a photo glass table top, a cabinet door, backsplash, or glass partition, just like regular glass, but with built-in beauty and safety. Please consult a design professional on adequate support and maximum load capacity for your glass. and its affiliates do not assume any liability arising from improper installation or use of the product.


Package Specifications.

Clear laminated custom glass photo; total thickness ~ ¼”

Point standoff or picture clip system consisting of four clips; diameter ~ 3/4" or 1 1/8'” (optional, unless noted otherwise)